Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mounting a ISO to a HP iLO over HTTP - Part 3: Finally Mounting..

In Part 1 we created a repository, and in Part 2 we created a XML file that will tells the iLO what to do.  Now we just have to instruct the iLO to execute the XML.  There is two ways to do this with a c7000 chassis and blades.

The first is via the Onboard Administrator (OA)
  1. SSH to the OA
  2. Issue the command hponcfg all
    1. This will instruct the OA to force ALL bays to launch the XML
    2. Instead of all you can specify bays by comma seperation I.E. 1,3,5,7,9
    3. Instead of all you can specify bay ranges I.E. 1-4,7-9
    4. You can also combine the two methods I.E. 1-4,7-9,14,16
The second is by using the CPOLCFG.exe utility from the HP Lights out Configuration Utility
  1. Install the configuration utility
  2. copy the xml file to the installation path
  3. from a command prompt run cpqlocfg.exe -s iLO_IP -f insert_spp2012010.xml

After the iso is mounted the sever can be booted and the SPP will automatically run.

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