Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mounting a ISO to a HP iLO over HTTP - Part 1: Setting up IIS

Al server administrators have the common problem of getting media attached to a server (some times multiple). Do you copy it to the server OS or burn it?  This becomes a larger problem when you are not in the same physical location of the server, unless you have really, really long arms.

While having a task of updating 65 HP c7000 chassis and the associated 1000 server blades to the latest HP Proliant Support Pack (SPP), I had a big issue with this since I am not located at that data center.  After some digging around I found some references in the iLO scripting guide to mounting media.  After a lot of trial and error I finally got it to work!

Since this is part one I will walk you thru the steps of setting up a repository to store the iLO xml files and iso images.  These steps are done with IIS7 and Windows 2008

Create a new IIS virtual directory. In my example I named it iLo.

Go to  Sites>Default Web Site>ilo>Authentication and disable Windows Authentication 

Go to  Sites>Default Web Site>ilo> Authorization Rules and add Anonymous users

Select Allow anonymous users

After add...

Go to  Sites>Default Web Site>ilo> Default Document and disable default documents.

Go to  Sites>Default Web Site>ilo> Directory Browsing and enable this feature

Go to  Sites>Default Web Site>ilo>MIME Types and Add a .iso type

Copy your ISO images to the folder and open the new site in a web browser.

By clicking on the ISO you should be prompted to run or save the file.  This is a quick test if it is going to work.



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MocArt said...

Hi! can you help me please:

I want to change SATA Controller Options (disable Embedded smart array and enable SATA AHCI Support), manually it's do like this:

F9 on boot, than, System Configuration > RBSU > Storage Options > SATA Controller Options > Embedded SATA Configuration -> SATA AHCI Support

by scripting, for ex, hpiLO cli


MocArt said...

Solved! By using RedFish API