Friday, April 03, 2009

SBS 2008 Killed XBOX 360 MCE Extender

I upgraded my SBS 2003 server to SBS 2008 with success...well at least I thought.

I have a Vista Ultimate client with a dual tv tuner recording all my favorite shows while I am hard at work. When I get time I will plop on the couch and watch all of them on the big screen streamed tru my Xbox 360.

After my SBS 2008 upgrade, my connectivity between Xbox and Vista died. Many Google searches, I did not find much. MS KB932159 did not help much. I figured it was a GPO already, so I started to play.

First I created a test OU, blocked inheritance, moved the computer account over, gpupdate /force, and it worked. So I confirmed it was a GPO, but which one?

Second I linked one GPO at a time to the test OU, after each GPO linked ran gpupdate and tested again. Finally I found the GPO that is causing my issue, "Windows SBS Client Policy" is that bad boy.

Looking thru the defined settings I found one that peaked my ears up. "Windows Components/Terminal Services/Terminal Server/Connections/Require user authentication for remote connections by using Network Level Authentication" I know that the extender actually uses TS, and thinking that the Xbox has no user credentials, I set this to "Not Configured" and all was good!

So I moved the computer to the correct OU, and I am happy again!

Now where is the tv remote???

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